Public consultation on the Single Digital Gateway


The European Commission wants to create a Single Digital Gateway to provide all the information people need to do business cross-border, travel, live, study or work in another EU country. In order to be able to make the gateway as good as possible, your feedback is valuable.

If you want to travel to, live, work or do business in another EU country you need to find out about the national rules, requirements and procedures that will apply to you.

Most people go online to find this information. But online information can be unreliable – it can be incomplete, inaccurate or hard to understand. Sometimes it’s only available in the local language, or not accessible from your country.

The European Commission wants to make all this easier for you, by gathering all of the information in one place.

The Single Digital Gateway would be based on existing portals, contact points and networks. But it would improve and better connect them, and help people to complete the most frequently-used national procedures fully online.

Have your say

Have your say! Everyone can participate in the consultation; businesses, organisations, public authorities and citizens.

The results of this consultation will provide valuable input to the Commission when preparing any future policy proposal and assessing the impact of different policy options. This consultation will remain accessible until 21 November 2016.

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