Problem with a Christmas gift you bought online?


Have you bought a Christmas gift online that you are not satisfied with? If you and the trader can not agree, you can solve the dispute via the website Online Dispute Resolution (ODR).

If you have a problem with a purchase, you should always first contact the seller with your complaint. If you and the seller can not agree and end up in a dispute with each other, you can use the ODR-platform to proceed with your complaint.

This is ODR

The ODR-platform has been set up by the EU to help unsatisfied customers. You can use it to make a complaint, in your own language, about a good or service you bought over the internet and find a neutral third party ("dispute resolution body") to handle the dispute. The resolution bodies listed on the site have all been checked to make sure that they meet EU-standards and are registered with the national authorities.

More information

Read more about how ODR works and the different steps in the process on the European Commission's website. You also find more information on ODR in our news article Solve your e-commerce dispute online.