New rules for free roaming


The European Commission will in the coming days, adopt rules on how much you as a EU citizen can use your phone when travelling abroad in Europe without paying extra after June 2017 when roaming charges to be abolished.

As of June 15, 2017, you will be able to surf, text and make calls within the EU at the same price as at home. To make free roaming work, the EU has defined rules for "fair use" of roaming.

Rules to avoid abuse

The rules are designed to ensure that consumers not abuse roaming by buying cheap SIM-cards in one EU country and use them permanently in another. The proposals will also impose limits on how much consumers with unlimited data or competitive packages can surf when they travel within the EU.

Negotiation on price cap still not set

EU countries must still agree on the price cap for wholesale charges operators pay each other to keep their customers connected abroad. The negotiations are not yet completed. Countries in the southern parts of Europe suggests a higher price cap, while countries in the northern and eastern part of Europe suggests a lower.

More information

Read the press release on the European Commission website. You can also read FAQs about the rules and the abolition of roaming charges on the European Commission's website.