New EU rules to stop fraudulent companies online


New EU rules could give authorities tools to stop fraudulent companies online. It was one of the points discussed during the European Consumer Summit, an EU meeting on consumer affairs, on October 17-18 in Brussels.

During this year's European Consumer Summit in Brussels over 450 representatives from national authorities, EU institutions, consumer organizations, companies and academics attended to discuss consumer issues. The main point of the meeting was the review of the European consumer protection legislation.

Per Bolund, Minister for Financial Markets and Consumer Affairs, was one of the speakers for this year's conference. He hopes that new European rules will give authorities better tools to inspect digital markets, including "mystery shoppers". By eliminating barriers to cross-border activities, it can improve business and consumer access to goods and services online in Europe.

"By giving the authorities the possibilities of using fictitious names and e-mail addresses they can make so-called" mystery shopping "and thus make sure that laws and regulations are followed," the minister says to Dina Pengar (in Swedish).

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