More efforts needed in telecoms and energy sector


Today, the European Commission published its 2016 Consumer Markets Scoreboard, which monitors EU consumers' ratings of how 42 goods and services markets work.

These ratings show that market's performance has improved since the last scoreboard in 2014. The financial services sector is showing the biggest progress.

Consumers' top three goods markets are books, magazines and newspapers, the market for entertainment goods (e.g. toys and games) and large household appliances such as fridges.

As for services, consumers' three top-ranking markets are leisure-related, ranging from holiday accommodation to cultural and entertainment services and sport services such as gyms.

Markets that still underperform are telecoms and energy, and therefore, the Commission will prioritize projects like the Digital Single Market and the Energy Union.

The Commission uses the findings of the Consumer Markets Scoreboard as evidence to develop its policy. For instance, low consumer trust in financial services was at the origin of the Consumer Credit Directive

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