European Commission acts to inform young people about 112


This year in August will be 25 years since 112 number was introduced, yet a survey shows that only half (48%) of EU citizens could spontaneously identify 112 as the number that allows them to call the police, fire brigade or medical services anywhere in the EU at no cost.

As people travel increasingly to other European countries, a single emergency number throughout the EU is of great value. People just need to remember one emergency number anywhere in the EU: 112 – and will immediately reach the local police, ambulance or fire services.

Just a few years ago only one out of four Europeans knew about 112. Since 2012, the Commission has stepped up efforts with public authorities, travel operators and transport companies to publicise the 112 services to those who travel through Europe.

This is why the Commission pursues its efforts to inform Europeans, especially the youngest ones, and is reaching out this year to the Erasmus+ network to enlist its support.

Read the news on the European Commission's website.