Millions of counterfeit goods stopped in the EU


In 2014 the customs authorities within the EU stopped nearly 36 million counterfeit articles. This according to a new report from the European Commission.

The total value for the millions of counterfeit articles stopped by the EU in 2014, is valued to over EUR 617 million. In Sweden the number of stopped articles were 20,000 last year.

According to the Customs Administration in Sweden, Swedish authorities intervened against including shoes, accessories and spare parts for mobile phones. The largest number of interventions was made in the mail, and most of the catered counterfeit goods were destroyed.

Most articles comes from Asia

Generally, counterfeit goods admitted to Europe often heritage from Asia, where China is the most common country of origin. Counterfeit articles are often of inferior quality and rarely meets the applicable product safety rules, which may pose a risk to consumers.