Have a say in two new surveys from the EU


The EU Commission has launched a public debate with two consultations that both concerns cooperative economics; one about geo-blocking and a second about the economic importance of online platforms.

Views expressed and information gathered will help the Commission assess the need for, or prepare initiatives as part of the Digital Single Market Strategy and the Internal Market Strategy for Goods and Services.

The Commission wants to hear from citizens, manufacturers, retailers (especially SMEs), right holders, data and cloud service providers and users, as well as all those involved in the collaborative economy. 

Public debate 1: Geo-blocking 

This consultation aims to gather views and information about the experiences and difficulties encountered by users and businesses when they access or provide information, and shop or sell across borders in the EU. Current rules prohibit discrimination on the basis of residence or nationality, both in the online and offline world, unless justified by objective criteria, and promote the free movement of goods and services across borders. 

Do you wish to contribute? The survey about geo-blocking is available on the European Commission's website.

Public debate 2: Online platforms 

This consultation seeks evidence and input for the Commission's comprehensive analysis of the role of online spaces where providers and users of content, goods and services can meet (such as internet search engines, social media, knowledge and video sharing websites, news aggregators, app stores and payment systems). It also explores how to handle illegal online content, how far and in what way online intermediaries should respond, and what duty of care intermediaries may have towards their users. 

Do you wish to contribute? The survey about online platform is available on the European Commission's website.

Update 4/20/2016: These surveys are no longer available.