Exports equals jobs according to report


A functioning single market is the alpha and omega of the EU's competitiveness in a global market, according to a new report. In Sweden only, exports to countries outside the EU contributes with 763 000 jobs.

EU companies export nearly as much as China to the rest of the world, and in Sweden the export of goods and services to countries outside the EU is worth 98 billion euros a year. This can be read in the European Commission's new report EU Exports to the World: Effects on Employment and Income.

The export industry in the EU countries contributes to 31 million jobs within the member states, and another 19 million jobs outside the EU. In Sweden, this means that 763 000 jobs – or one out of five employment opportunities in the country – is dependent on the export to countries outside the EU.

Export jobs is better paid

The jobs that the export industry in the EU provides is on average better paid than in the rest of the economy. Most people in export-related jobs are medium-skilled workers, but EU exports create opportunities for both skilled and unskilled workers. More than half of the jobs are to be found in the service sector.

More information and the full report is available on the European Commission website.