EU Commission wants to dismantle digital borders


315 million Europeans are online every day, and a priority of the EU Commission is the digital single market. The aim is to open existing borders in order to create the perfect environment to profit from digital technologies.

With the internet revolution, the global economy is becoming more and more digital. This means that the freedoms of the European single market also have to go digital.

The vision of the EU Commission, under the direction of Jean-Claude Juncker, is to create a digital single market. This will be an area where the free movement of goods, persons, services and capital is ensured; where citizens and businesses can easily access and exercise online activities under conditions of fair competition, regardless of their nationality or place of residence.

A digital single market can create up to €340 billion in additional growth, hundreds of thousands of new jobs, and a vibrant knowledge-based society.

Many potential advantages

What do we need to make this vision true?

  • We need to be able to enjoy the same online content and services regardless of which EU country we are in,
  • we need the opportunity to set up a business (virtually) and offer services in any EU country easily,
  • we need simple, clear rules for copyright, so we know where we – and our businesses – stand,
  • we need assurance that our personal data is protected at all times,
  • we need reliable, high speed broadband, including in rural areas.

Your help is needed

This cannot be a one-way street. The European Commission wants to hear from everybody on what is needed, on what you need: join our Digital4EU page to give us your views on how to shape Europe's digital future.

More information on why we need a digital single market is available in a factsheet provided by the EU Commission.