ECC – serving European consumers since 2005


In 2005 the European Commission, together with the national governments, established a European network for consumer issues. Ten years have now passed and during this time, consumers have turned to the ECC for help more than 600 000 times. 

European Consumer Centres Network, ECC-Net, provide information, free advice and assistance on cross-boarder shopping in the EU, Norway and Iceland. 

Consumer issues is high on the commissions agenda, and with more and more consumers shopping online, the ECC's role in resolving cross-boarder disputes has grown.

During the past ten years, the ECC-Net have achieved a lot – and this is something worth paying attention. The achievements of the network so far has been compiled into a report, which is available its entirety here.

Did you know that ...

  • ... the ECC-net is a network of 30 offices – one in each EU member state, plus Norway and Iceland?
  • ... the ECC-Net is in direct contact with some 100 000 consumers every year and handles about 40 000 consumer complaints?
  • ... over the past decade, the ECC has had more than 650 000 direct contacts with consumers?
  • ... the most common complaint involves a non delivered product?

Movie about the ECC-Net's work

In context of the jubilee, the European Commission has produced a movie that explains what the ECC-Net is and what it does. See the movie below: