Disneyland Paris faces investigation for price discrimination


ECC Ireland reports that the European Commission is targeting Disneyland Paris for allegedly overcharging British and German customers, on the basis of where they live.

Right now there is a big campaign against price discrimination within the EU. On that background, the European Commission asked France to investigate whether Disneyland is unfairly rigging prices.

According to consumer complaints, in some cases, French consumers will pay €1,346 for a premium package while British visitors are charged €1,870 and Germans €2,447.

Accusations of illegal blocking

Consumers have also accused the theme park of illegally blocking their access to cheap deals. The deals have only been made available for residents of France or Belgium – which violates the EU service directive.

The web shop Amazon.com, Spanish hoteliers, Austrian skilift operators as well as Venice's public lavatory system have also received complaints regarding price discrimination. The commission are currently considering an investigation in these cases too.