Information from the Commission

Disneyland Paris faces investigation for price discrimination

EU INFORMATION. The theme park might be violating the service directive.

New survey of e-commerce habits

EU INFORMATION. Contractual obstacles when buying online is being investigated.

Raised limit for small claims procedure

EU INFORMATION. The European Parliament wants to change the rules.

European award goes to learning material from Sweden

EU INFORMATION. The Swedish Media Council wins in competition with four others.

ECC – serving European consumers since 2005

EU INFORMATION. The ECC has helped more than 600 000 consumers the past decade.

16 initiatives to change the digital market in Europe

EU INFORMATION. The goal is for European citizens to have the same access to goods and services online.

Europe Day is celebrated with debates and seminars

EU INFORMATION. The empowerment of women is being addressed.

EU Commission wants to dismantle digital borders

EU INFORMATION. The commission needs help to shape Europe's digital future.

Comparison tools criticized for lack of transparency

EU INFORMATION. The commission have conducted a study on 1024 comparison websites and apps.

Bad testimony for second hand car market

EU INFORMATION. A study of the European goods markets gave the same result for the third year in a row.