Information from the Commission

European Commission releases results of public consultation

EU INFORMATION. Recent results on geo-blocking.

New proposals for protecting consumers online

EU INFORMATION. Another part of the digital strategy.

Broadband speed rarely meets expectations

EU INFORMATION. New study shows that subscribers are only getting 75% of the advertised download speed.

Millions of counterfeit goods stopped in the EU

EU INFORMATION. Counterfeit goods with a total value of EUR 617 million has been stopped.

Use your credit rights

EU INFORMATION. A new quick check makes it easier to learn about your rights.

Swedish consumers have the least problems and get the best assistance

EU INFORMATION. Major differences between EU countries.

Have a say in two new surveys from the EU

EU INFORMATION. Open debate on geo-blocking and the economic importance of web-based platforms.

This is how the EU alert system for faulty products works

EU INFORMATION. New film explains how it works in a simple way.

The Commission wants to curb the trading of counterfeit alcohol

EU INFORMATION. Public consultation invites consumers in the process of updating old alcohol directive.

Exports equals jobs according to report

EU INFORMATION. 1 out of 5 jobs in Sweden are dependent on exports to countries outside the EU.