Information from the Commission

25 consumer advantages to EU’s Single Market

This year it's the 25th year anniversary of EU's Single Market. Here are 25 substantial advantages!

Now you can bring your favourite TV series when you travel abroad

Starting April 1st you will be able to use your digital paid subscriptions when you are travelling within the EU.

3 good digital news in Europe

EU INFORMATION. Portability, free wifi and reduced VAT on e-books are in progress within the EU.

Commission and consumer protection authorities act on misleading travel comparison websites

EU INFORMATION. Asked websites to bring their practices in line with EU consumer legislation.

One year of Online Dispute Resolution

EU INFORMATION. EU celebrates first anniversary with the ODR platform.

Consumer rights in social media about to be strengthened

EU-INFORMATION. Facebook, Twitter and Google+ will develop proposals for action within a month.

Take your favourite series on holiday next year

EU INFORMATION. New rules for portability across the EU in 2018.

Problem with a Christmas gift you bought online?

EU INFORMATION. Solve your e-commerce dispute online – without having to go to court.

New rules for free roaming

EU INFORMATION. This will apply to the free roaming within the EU.

New EU rules to stop fraudulent companies online

EU INFORMATION. "Mystery shoppers" to inspect digital markets.