Travel bird has filed for bankruptcy Many questions regarding Vitality Club Are you considering buying a house in Portugal? Fake jackets could contain claws and beaks Many complaints regarding car value services New fuel labelling will reduce the risk of refuelling wrong Digital services continue to strengthen consumers Enduria Travel has filed for bankruptcy Problems with your trip? The ECC travel app will help you! Beware of pirate copies when you Christmas shop The airline Primera Air has filed for bankruptcy High risk to buy chargers online Airbnb change the price information and terms after demands from the EU Get it right on European roads How to solve car rental problems that arise later on You can receive compensation in the case of an airline strikes New package travel directive – here are the most important changes Beware of fake food on your vacation has declared bankruptcy Seize the opportunity to shop in the UK Keep tabs on your ticket to the FIFA World Cup 25 consumer advantages to EU’s Single Market Ban against binary options Fake makeup contained human feces Now you can bring your favourite TV series when you travel abroad Gift from Vitality is causing problems for consumers You must lodge a complaint about your flight within two months, according to new judgment 4 luggage tips when flying with skis this winter Complaints on air travel peaked in 2017 6 ways to detect a fake shop online New service makes it easier to request compensation for flight delays Cheap design furniture online – too good to be true? Travel by car in Europe – countries where winter tires are mandatory Consumers must oppose online traps Have you been afflicted by the French air strike? Ryanair cancels hundreds of flights More and more consumers are dissatisfied with dating sites Questions and answers on Air Berlin's bankruptcy KO sues Nextjet Verdict regarding flight delays Fanny explains: your right to compensation in the event of delayed, lost or damaged luggage Fanny explains: your right to compensation in the event of overbooked flight Fanny explains: your right to compensation in the event of flight cancellation Fanny explains: your right to compensation in the event of flight delay Watch out for counterfeits when on holiday Reduce risks of luggage problem when going on holiday Secure this summer's event – how to find out if the ticket is valid Watch out for gift card deals online Few aware of their right to compensation when flight is delayed Avoid being scammed on your private holiday accommodation this summer Invoice from Carspy concerns consumers Avoid fines and extra charges when driving in Europe 10 tips for non-fake online shopping this summer 3 good digital news in Europe Keep track of mobile costs during your vacation Increase of complaints on car rental Travelstart does not sell package tours Affected by British Airways IT meltdown? Binary options a risky business for consumer Facebook block ads from Luxstyle Announcement of cancelled flight responsibility airline Travellers were entitled to compensation for bird crash 3.5 million Europeans affected by subscription traps Less luggage lost in air traffic Alitalia kicks off bankruptcy proceedings Car valuation from Carspy costs 199 euro More consumers buy clothes online Happy Easter from ECC Sweden! Commission and consumer protection authorities act on misleading travel comparison websites Keep track of flight rules when travelling by air in the US One year of Online Dispute Resolution Eyes on the price when booking a holiday trip Pointworld reported to the police ECC Sweden is not Storm & Mets Many consumers satisfied with the ECC network Swedes have little knowledge of intellectual property Consumer rights in social media about to be strengthened Many complaints on Watch out for counterfeits online 10 tips on how you can avoid buying fake products online Flight strike in France Airline strike in Finland - are you affected? 5 most popular consumer issues in February Top 5 companies with most cases in January Take your favourite series on holiday next year Consumer won - does not need to pay Online dating agencies in the EU 4 tips before you book a love weekend in Europe 5 tips on how to shop safer online Record numbers of consumers getting help with cross-border purchases LuxStyle reported to the police by the Danish Consumer Ombudsman Many consumer complaints on Premium Supplements Top 5 consumer issues in January Goldcar and Firefly receive heavy fines for unfair business practices Car rental companies improve treatment of consumers Top 5 companies with most cases in December International travel increased most in 2016 Top 5 consumer issues in December Stricter rules for Airbnb does not affect those who want to rent accommodations Have your case with Law Office Storm & Mets ended in Estonian court? Latvia stops Carprice advertising Problem with a Christmas gift you bought online? Trade with counterfeit goods cost billions every year New rules for free roaming Consumers still face unjustified discrimination when shopping online within EU Top 5 companies with most cases in November Top 5 consumer questions in November Winter tires in Europe Disabilities: know your rights when travelling by plane Lufthansa on airline strike Do not send your return package to ECC Sweden Do not rush your online purchases on Black Friday Top 5 companies with most cases in October Are you dating online this fall? Top 5 consumer questions in October Many complaints on Luxstyle Misleading ads lure consumers into costly subscriptions New EU rules to stop fraudulent companies online Germanwings and Eurowings on airline strike Have you purchased a product of Designers Revolt? 5 scary e-commerce scenarios during Halloween Are you going on a skiing holiday in France? Information about Vacasol accommodation Reduce the risk of ID-theft Storm & Mets keeps on sending out debt collection demands Continued complaints against Consumo LTD More than 40 million counterfeit goods stopped at customs 5 tips on how to plan your autumn holiday trip in Europe Solve your e-commerce disputes online Many consumers dissatisfied with delivery from Voga More efforts needed in telecoms and energy sector Europeans believe that the EU should take more decisions Businesses feel cheated Ad from Apoteket is in Fact from Vitality Club Candyonclick and Dentaldelivered on the Swedish Consumer Agency's blacklist Public consultation on the Single Digital Gateway Are you going to Rio 2016 An increase of EU countries who do not follow the law Lowcosttravelgroup Has Stopped Doing Business Alektum may stop collecting debts on Vitality Club's behalf Vitality Club on the Swedish Consumer Agency's Blacklist Air passenger tax on flights from Norwegian airports Are You Planning on Buying a Wedding Dress Online? Riding Clothes Trader on the Black List Have You Received an Offer of Samples from Diet & Detox? Are you planning to go to Euro 2016 in France Employers get compensated for flight delays Celebrate Europe Day 2016 Strike at German airports 27 April A European agenda for the collaborative economy The Commission proposes new e-commerce rules 25% of young Europeans use illegal sources to access online content Reduced roaming surcharges from 30 April, 2016 Storm & Met reported to the Police Consumers still worried about claims from Storm & Mets Joint project 2016: Online holiday booking Public consultation - Passenger rights Flights to Zaventem in Brussels still cancelled Solve your dispute easily online Cancelled flights to and from Brussels Swedish Trade Federation questions proposal from the European Commission A record number of Swedes are shopping online Buying a car in another EU Member State: a good deal? E-commerce in the Nordic countries continues to increase Have you received claim from Storm & Mets? Autopriser and Carprice on the Swedish Consumer Agency's black list Commission publishes study aimed at combatting consumer vulnerability Share your opinion on the Europe Direct Information Centres EU wants stricter rules on animal trafficking Have you been discriminated while shopping online? New rules for dispute resolution and new online platform European Commission acts to inform young people about 112 Safer Internet Day on the 9th of February Beware of Investing in False Securities European Commission releases results of public consultation Car valuation sites - the biggest problem for consumers in 2015 ECC Sweden is not a trader Are you going to EHF Euro 2016 in Poland? Strike among French control officers Beware of 1 SEK Iphone Offer Fake tickets to UEFA Euro in circulation Remember: Each app has its price Timeshares and long-term holiday products: Let's make things clear! Pirated goods are all over – even in the Christmas commerce New proposals for protecting consumers online Skandigo dissolved by Danish authorities Difficult for passengers to receive compensation Lufthansa invites passengers to provide mobile number Tips for operating Europe's winter roads Don’t let the e-Santa fool you Broadband speed rarely meets expectations Keep track of fake reviews online EU requirements are forcing Estonian Air to cancel their flights Lufthansa cabin crew is on strike Millions of counterfeit goods stopped in the EU New rule increases protection on package holidays German order forces VW to recall 8.5 million cars Use your credit rights Skandigo up for dissolution Car valuation sites are causing trouble again Swedish consumers have the least problems and get the best assistance Increased amount of cases regarding Jobform Have a say in two new surveys from the EU This is how the EU alert system for faulty products works EU court ruling benefits air travellers Consumers cancel purchases because of shipping costs Stricter controls for rail travellers await Lufthansa strike extended and expanded Lufthansa cancels long-haul flights Beware while shopping in Cyprus Read the terms before ordering skin care online The Commission wants to curb the trading of counterfeit alcohol Many consumers regret signing timeshare contracts Exports equals jobs according to report Stricter controls for air travellers await Travel around Europe with one ticket Beware of Europaspelet and Garantispelet No more data roaming charges within EU Lufthansa pilots to the negotiating table Disneyland Paris faces investigation for price discrimination New survey of e-commerce habits Consider this when travelling to Greece Beware of fake products on your vacation Information regarding travel agent Skandigo Consumer ombudsman files lawsuit against Norwegian Car rental firms have agreed on better terms for consumers Swedish consumption top five in the EU The airline Avies has been declared bankrupt Raised limit for small claims procedure Danish strike might affect Ryanairs passengers New information regarding bankrupt Interior Addict Leave your passport behind when travelling in Europe Know this before travelling to Greece European award goes to learning material from Sweden More Swedes buy their drugs online Almedal seminar on piracy Wearing swimwear on the street might be risky Watch out for a discount offer on the Ryanair website The airline industry wants smaller hand luggage Stay happy with our updated travel app Be cool when using your mobile abroad ECC – serving European consumers since 2005 Pending strike in Iceland might cause big problems 8 ways to a smoother vacation Air Lituanica stops flight operations Your rights when SAS cancel flights Time for Eurovision Song Contest in Vienna 16 initiatives to change the digital market in Europe Europe Day is celebrated with debates and seminars Have you bought a car abroad? Pilots of TAP Portugal on strike for 10 days International cooperation is needed to fight fraudsters online EU Commission wants to dismantle digital borders Norwegian cancels flights from Finland Comparison tools criticized for lack of transparency Air strike in France affects Swedish travellers Another furniture company mocks consumers Be cautious when on sales trips in Turkey Is a commercial warranty worth the money? Information regarding the plane crash in France The strike within Lufthansa extended Thousands of harmful products stopped by the EU Bad testimony for second hand car market Avoid unnecessary charges online Last year's activities of the EU assembled Norwegian tour operator bankrupt Q&A about flight cancellations Your rights in an airline strike Sweden second-best online within the EU Registry to prevent car frauds Online dating made easier 10 tips for children surfing the web – and their parents Infurn the biggest villain of 2014 Court wants Air Berlin to display full price Warning issued for Vistacloud Look out for false Eurovision-tickets How to travel safe by car during winter Don't be fooled when you travel to the U.S. Lufthansa prepares for strike – yet again More accurate taxi quotes to come Lufthansa on 36-hour strike ECC-Net launches checklists for consumers shopping online Avoid being tricked when Christmas shopping ECC-Net launches a guide on consumer rights for online traders Your rights during the German train strike Slovakian airline declared bankrupt Car rental companies agrees not to discriminate Lufthansa strike affects air services in Sweden Online furniture to be handled by the Police Over 80 000 consumer helped by the European Consumer Centres in 2013 NIX-Telefon alerts about a company with a similar name Extended warranty: Survey of the ECC-Net Your experiences with the Internal Market for services is requested Basketball World Cup 2014 Watch out for Are you buying medicines online? Beware of unreliable car evaluation sites ECC-Net launches new travel app Your rights when your boat trip is cancelled New rules strengthens consumers' rights when shopping in Europe Europe Day 9 May Consumer Guide for football fans going to 2014 FIFA World Cup in Brazil Co-ordinated enforcement action leads to safer travel websites The European commission and car rental companies discuss consumer complaints Consumer Programme 2014-2020 Pilots of Lufthansa in a three-day strike Campaign on EU-wide consumer rights European Consumer Summit 2014 European and World Consumer Days Proper consumer protection for apps customers Inter-school Competition on online shopping Empowering Consumers: A record year for the European Consumer Centres Chargeback within the EU/EEA – a possibility to recover your money European consumers face discrimination based on their nationality or place of residence Improving cross-border consumer protection Your rights on delayed and cancelled flights Patients' Rights in Cross-Border Healthcare Beware of the company Vita Nordica Important to be able to trust a trust mark Safer to download games, e-books, videos and music Beware of offers from Single Market Month - Your ideas can change Europe Strike can cause flight delays at Swedish airports tomorrow Flight delays at airports in Sweden today Eurobasket 2013 Improved consumer rights for 120 million holiday makers New rules on Payment Services for the benefit of consumers and retailers Many complaints towards Estonian company Electronova Raid against Lifestyle Holiday and Voyager Travel Avoid high telephone bills after the holidays From today new EU Rules are combating misleading information and putting safer cosmetics on EU shelves Many complaints towards Motorists in France must have two breathalyzer Your rights during the French airline strike Be careful with "free samples" online Lufthansa on strike today Flight disruptions to/from Germany due to strike on 21 March 2013 Proposal of new measures to strengthen air passengers' rights European Commission takes action to strengthen enforcement against unfair commercial practices EU Consumer Summit 2013: Europe joining forces to enforce consumers' rights Launch of the website "Consumer Classroom" A step forward for EU consumers World Consumers Rights Day 2013 Unfair Commercial Practices and Unsolicited Goods Swedish CO wants to stop Nordic Air from advertising More consumers benefit from the information and assistance services provided by the ECC's Alternative Dispute Resolution - important to air passengers Two new EU regulations on boat passengers' rights Guide for consumers visiting Czech Republic Bring your passport when travelling within the Schengen area No reimbursement from Malev's bankruptcy ECC Sweden has launched new website Formlife in bankruptcy E-commerce: Look out for unfair terms when buying games, books, videos and music online Cancelled flights in the snowstorm Crackdown on websites offering consumer credits Report on ski Resorts in Europe launched today Euroteam fined by Norwegian Consumer Ombudsman Delayed flights entitles consumers to compensation Euroteam has filed for bankruptcy Consumers still face obstacles when shopping online Report on the European small claims procedure Spain implements timeshare directive