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Keep tabs on your ticket to the FIFA World Cup

NEWS. In ten days the FIFA World Cup will be under way in Russia. Here we try to answer some of the most common questions.

25 consumer advantages to EU’s Single Market

This year it's the 25th year anniversary of EU's Single Market. Here are 25 substantial advantages!

Ban against binary options

The news article was updated on 2018-07-20.

Fake makeup contained human feces

NEWS. The police took action against 21 stores in the USA.

Now you can bring your favourite TV series when you travel abroad

Starting April 1st you will be able to use your digital paid subscriptions when you are travelling within the EU.

Gift from Vitality is causing problems for consumers

NEWS. The gift could result in an expensive subscription.

You must lodge a complaint about your flight within two months, according to new judgment

NEWS. This judgment had to do with travelers who had demanded compensation after two years and three months.

4 luggage tips when flying with skis this winter

NEWS. Avoid problems at the airport with ECC Sweden’s checklist for packing ski equipment.

Complaints on air travel peaked in 2017

NEWS. ECC Sweden's yearly complaint statistics 2017.

6 ways to detect a fake shop online

NEWS. Today we celebrate Safer Internet Day 2018!