News and press releases

The strike within Lufthansa extended

NEWS. As of tomorrow, the airline company's long-haul flights will be afflicted.

Thousands of harmful products stopped by the EU

NEWS. Toys, clothes and textiles are the products most often imposed with a sales ban.

Bad testimony for second hand car market

EU INFORMATION. A study of the European goods markets gave the same result for the third year in a row.

Avoid unnecessary charges online

NEWS. Beware of online services that charge you for goods and services that are meant to be free.

Last year's activities of the EU assembled

EU INFORMATION. The new publication covers everything from consumer politics to questions about equity.

Norwegian tour operator bankrupt

NEWS. Numerous Swedes might be affected due to a deal with the Swedish company Groupon.

Q&A about flight cancellations

NEWS. A quick guide for anyone affected by the strike.

Your rights in an airline strike

NEWS. Good to know for anyone planning to travel with SAS or Norwegian.

Sweden second-best online within the EU

NEWS. The European Commission has ranked us as second, behind Denmark.

Registry to prevent car frauds

NEWS. European traffic cooperation helps consumers – and the police.