News and press releases

Pilots of TAP Portugal on strike for 10 days

NEWS. Flights are being cancelled och delayed.

International cooperation is needed to fight fraudsters online

NEWS. The Consumer Report 2015 is now released.

EU Commission wants to dismantle digital borders

EU INFORMATION. The commission needs help to shape Europe's digital future.

Norwegian cancels flights from Finland

NEWS. Ground staff on strike affects Finnish airports.

Comparison tools criticized for lack of transparency

EU INFORMATION. The commission have conducted a study on 1024 comparison websites and apps.

Air strike in France affects Swedish travellers

NEWS. Flights to and from Arlanda and Landvetter has been cancelled.

Another furniture company mocks consumers

WARNING. ECC Sweden have received 15 new cases against British company Interior Addict – in just one month.

Be cautious when on sales trips in Turkey

WARNING. More than 50 complaints have been submitted to ECC Sweden during the last year.

Is a commercial warranty worth the money?

PRESS RELEASE. The ECC-net has surveyed the conditions for consumers all over Europe.

Information regarding the plane crash in France

NEWS. This is what to do if you plan to travel with the airline Germanwings.