News and press releases

New information regarding bankrupt Interior Addict

NEWS. Fill out a form if you made orders with KMA Republic/Interior Addict without receiving any goods.

Leave your passport behind when travelling in Europe

NEWS. These countries will become more accessible.

Know this before travelling to Greece

NEWS. Be properly prepared before going to the ailing country.

European award goes to learning material from Sweden

EU INFORMATION. The Swedish Media Council wins in competition with four others.

More Swedes buy their drugs online

NEWS. A report from the MPA about buying drugs online.

Almedal seminar on piracy

NEWS. ECC Sweden participates together with a network of authorities.

Wearing swimwear on the street might be risky

NEWS. Half-naked tourists can be fined in Spain, France and Italy.

Watch out for a discount offer on the Ryanair website

WARNING. ECC Sweden will try to help anyone stuck with an unintentional subscription.

The airline industry wants smaller hand luggage

NEWS. Lufthansa amongst the airlines that has already adopted the new guidelines.

Stay happy with our updated travel app

NEWS. A new version of ECC-Nets free helper for travelling Europeans is now available.