News and press releases

Read the terms before ordering skin care online

WARNING. 15 new cases concerning web based retailer Skincenter the past month.

The Commission wants to curb the trading of counterfeit alcohol

EU INFORMATION. Public consultation invites consumers in the process of updating old alcohol directive.

Many consumers regret signing timeshare contracts

PRESS RELEASE. More than 500 Swedish consumers have gotten into trouble the past three years.

Exports equals jobs according to report

EU INFORMATION. 1 out of 5 jobs in Sweden are dependent on exports to countries outside the EU.

Stricter controls for air travellers await

NEWS. New security rules for air passengers in Sweden and other EU-countries.

Travel around Europe with one ticket

NEWS. The European Parliament wants to simplify travelling with new vision.

Beware of Europaspelet and Garantispelet

WARNING. ECC Sweden has received complaints against the companies.

No more data roaming charges within EU

NEWS. Within a few years the digital boundaries in EU will be gone.

Lufthansa pilots to the negotiating table

NEWS. The conflict heading towards a solution.

Disneyland Paris faces investigation for price discrimination

EU INFORMATION. The theme park might be violating the service directive.