News and press releases

Swedish consumers have the least problems and get the best assistance

EU INFORMATION. Major differences between EU countries.

Increased amount of cases regarding Jobform

WARNING. Call for caution regarding the company's offerings.

Have a say in two new surveys from the EU

EU INFORMATION. Open debate on geo-blocking and the economic importance of web-based platforms.

This is how the EU alert system for faulty products works

EU INFORMATION. New film explains how it works in a simple way.

EU court ruling benefits air travellers

NEWS. EU-court decides on a rule change.

Consumers cancel purchases because of shipping costs

NEWS. One out of five cancel the purchase online.

Stricter controls for rail travellers await

NEWS. Safety on board will increase.

Lufthansa strike extended and expanded

NEWS. Flights to and from Arlanda and Landvetter is cancelled.

Lufthansa cancels long-haul flights

NEWS. Affects all long-haul routes to and from Germany.

Beware while shopping in Cyprus

NEWS. Goods that's not in conformity with EU standards might get confiscated at the Cypriot/Turkish border.