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Latvia stops Carprice advertising

PRESSRELEASE. The Company is prohibited to market themselves as they do today.

Problem with a Christmas gift you bought online?

EU INFORMATION. Solve your e-commerce dispute online – without having to go to court.

Trade with counterfeit goods cost billions every year

NEWS. 721 billion SEK according to a new report from EUIPO

New rules for free roaming

EU INFORMATION. This will apply to the free roaming within the EU.

Consumers still face unjustified discrimination when shopping online within EU

PRESS RELEASE. New report from the ECC-Network.

Top 5 companies with most cases in November

NEWS. Here are the companies consumers complain about most.

Top 5 consumer questions in November

NEWS. Here are the most common questions consumers wanted answers to.

Winter tires in Europe

NEWS. This applies when driving on the winter roads in Europe.

Disabilities: know your rights when travelling by plane

PRESS RELEASE. Here are the EU rules that protects you.

Lufthansa on airline strike

NEWS. 1700 departures cancelled.