How to file a complaint

Updated: 9/10/2014

Welcome to the “Filing a Complaint-Guide”. If you are experiencing problems with a purchase of a product or service from a trader in another EU country (+ Norway and Iceland), the guide can help you to write a complaint letter to the trader. 

How to use the “Filing a Complaint-Guide”

  • Click your way through the guide to a letter template best suited to your situation.
  • Click on the letter template. The letter templates are available in Swedish, English, German and French. You can use a letter template in Swedish even if you do not fully master the language - all letters contain the same information as the English version.
  • Fill in the letter template and send the letter to the trader.

Remember to save all documentation in your case, for example receipts, order confirmations, contracts and the communication between you and the trader.

Begin using the guide