What happens after I have filed my complaint?

Updated: 8/7/2019

When you have filed your complaint, your case is registered automatically in our case handling system and a case handler will be assigned to you.

The case handler will go through your case in order to be able to get a picture of what has happened, and will then contact you. You will be assigned a case number, which you should save for further contact with us.

The case might be shared with the ECC office in the country where the trader is based

If we determine that the trader has not complied with applicable laws concerning your consumer rights, the case can be shared with the ECC office where the trader is based. They will then contact the trader for you, and inform the trader of your consumer rights.

The cases are handled in turn

We receive a lot of cases every day, and they are handled in turn. If your case is urgent, (for example if there is a time limit), it is better to contact us during our telephone hours. We need to receive all the documentation regarding your case within 4 weeks, otherwise the case will be closed.

We cannot force a trader to do anything

Our network cannot force a trader to do anything, we can only mediate between you and the trader, and inform about rights and obligations. If the trader refuses to cooperate, we try to find a dispute resolution body that you can turn to.

Do you live in another EU country, Norway or Iceland, and have problems with a Swedish trader?

Then, you should contact the ECC office in the country where you live.