File a complaint via e-mail

Updated: 4/4/2018

Regardless of whether you file your complaint via our complaint form or via e-mail, you have to attach documentation as proof of what you are claiming. Without proof, we cannot handle your case.

Send your complaint via e-mail to:

Remember to attach documentation as proof to your complaint.

How to send your documentation to us

  • As PDF-files
  • With clear names - if you send an order confirmation it should be named "Order confirmation".
  • Written correspondence between you and the trader should be organised in chronological order and e-mail messages must include sender, receiver and date.
  •  Agreements and terms of agreements must be complete.
  • The files must be clear and readable, (of good quality).

Example of documentation

  • Agreement
  • Terms of agreement
  • Invoice/ receipts of purchase
  • Complaint or cooling off message
  • Images / other material that shows the defect
  • Correspondence between you and the trader
  • Tickets
  • Receipts for additional expenses that you want compensation for
  • Luggage receipt
  • PIR report

What happens after I have filed my complaint?

Information about what happens after you have filed your complaint.