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Updated: 5/26/2020

Should you encounter a problem with a trader in another EU country, Norway or Iceland, ECC Sweden can help you. Either by counselling or by mediation via our colleagues in the other EU countries, Norway and Iceland.

Our legal advisors, from top left: Iwona, Magnus, Karolin, Gustaf, Nora, and Anna

The first thing you need to do is to contact the trader.

The case might solve itself directly if you let the trader know what you are dissatisfied with. If you are unsure of what phrases to use, please feel free to use our complaint guide.

Find the answer to your question in our interactive FAQ

In our interactive FAQ you will receive an answer within 24 hours. If someone else has asked a similar question, we have written a reply. Write the name of the trader, (or another word that describes your problem, in the search box, and all the questions previously answered, turns up).

File a complaint via e-mail

If you have documentation/written proof to send to us, you can file your complaint via e-mail.

Contact us by phone

You are, of course, welcome to contact us on during our telephone hours. However, we want to alert you that the telephone queues are long at times.

The Public Health Agency of Sweden recomends work from home. Due to that our opening hours are shortened from april 6th. You can call us Monday - Friday between 09.00 - 12.00 at 054-194150.



You also have the possibility to chat with us. Our chat is available Monday to Thursday 9 am-16 pm and Friday 9 am-12 pm. 

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I am in a dispute with a trader

I have shopped from Sweden or outside of the EU, Norway or Iceland

If you have shopped from Sweden, or outside of the EU, Norway or Iceland, we cannot handle your case. However, we are happy to direct you to an organisation / authority that can help you.