About the ECC-Net

Updated: 6/21/2016

ECC Sweden is part of the European Consumer Centres Network, that started in 2005 and consists of 30 ECC-offices -one in each EU country + Norway and Iceland. 

All ECC-offices are financed by the European Commission as well as the Member States. ECC Sweden is partly financed by the Swedish Consumer Agency.

Free advice

The ECC-Net offers free information and counselling to all consumers within the EU + Norway and Iceland. The ECC-offices cooperates closely and also mediates between consumers and traders on cross-border problems.

Works in joint projects

The ECC-Net works in joint projects, for example with reports on e-commerce and air passengers' rights.

Which office should I contact?

If you live in Sweden and have a problem with a trader in another EU-country, you are welcome to contact ECC Sweden, via the link on the right side of this page.

If you live in another EU country and have a problem with a Swedish trader you need to contact the ECC office in your country. Via the link on the right side of this page you will find a map of all the EU countries. Click on your country to go to your ECC-office.