Our images and texts

Updated: 4/5/2016

Material from ECC Sweden's website may be disseminated both in paper form and electronic form via websites, if you respect the following:
  • The website contains some copyright material, images and texts, that cannot be used for publishing in other contexts. Contact the editorial staff if you are unsure of the material you want to use.
  • The material cannot be copied and sold without authorization. Contact the editorial staff and explain how you want to use the material.
  • State the source and the date when the material has been recovered. The website is continuously updated.
  • For electronic forwarding of material from ECC Sweden, we recommend that you link to ECC Sweden's website. Then the reader will always get the latest version.
  • The material may not be used in such a context where it can be misunderstood, misinterpreted or bring harm to ECC Sweden.

Contact the editorial staff if you have questions on the use of the material on ECC Sweden's website.