Press releases

Watch out for counterfeits online

PRESS RELEASE. New report on counterfeits from the ECC network.

Online dating agencies in the EU

PRESSRELEASE. Consumers are getting ripped off even though they revoked the concluded contract

Car rental companies improve treatment of consumers

PRESS RELEASE. Thanks to EU-wide enforcement.

Latvia stops Carprice advertising

PRESSRELEASE. The Company is prohibited to market themselves as they do today.

Consumers still face unjustified discrimination when shopping online within EU

PRESS RELEASE. New report from the ECC-Network.

Disabilities: know your rights when travelling by plane

PRESS RELEASE. Here are the EU rules that protects you.

Misleading ads lure consumers into costly subscriptions

PRESS RELEASE: Warning from the Nordic ECC-network.

The Commission proposes new e-commerce rules

PRESS RELEASE. In order for consumers to be able to reap full benefit of the single market.

Consumers still worried about claims from Storm & Mets

PRESS RELEASE. The rush has lead to long waiting times.

Solve your dispute easily online

PRESS RELEASE. New Online Dispute Resolution platform for cross-border purchases.