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Verdict regarding flight delays

NEWS. The ECJ clarifies how the flight route has to be calculated.

Watch out for counterfeits when on holiday

NEWS. How to recognize a counterfeit and avoid heavy fines.

Reduce risks of luggage problem when going on holiday

NEWS. What to keep in mind when packing this summer's holiday suitcase.

Secure this summer's event – how to find out if the ticket is valid

Watch out for gift card deals online

NEWS. May lead to expensive subscriptions.

Few aware of their right to compensation when flight is delayed

NEWS. Only every fourth Swedish traveller know of their rights according to a new Sifo survey.

Avoid being scammed on your private holiday accommodation this summer

NEWS. Keept this in mind before booking a private accommodation through an Agency.

Invoice from Carspy concerns consumers

NEWS. Tips on what to do when affected.

Avoid fines and extra charges when driving in Europe

NEWS. 4 quick tips to avoid additional fees and fines for the rental car.

10 tips for non-fake online shopping this summer

NEWS. Tips on how to avoid ordering counterfeits online.